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Insurance and Safety

Risk Fab Fun Entertainment and Events prioritize safety and responsibility in every aspect of our services:

  1. Insurance Coverage: We carry a public liability insurance policy for our staff, providing coverage up to $20,000,000. A Certificate of Currency is available upon request. All our entertainers are strictly insured for entertainment and event purposes only.
  2. Workers Compensation: All staff on our payroll are covered by a comprehensive workers’ compensation policy. This ensures that our team members receive necessary support and coverage in the unfortunate event of a work-related injury or illness.
  3. Child Protection Training: Fab Fun prioritizes child protection through a comprehensive screening and checking system for all team members. Each employee undergoes a three to six-month probation period before assuming the role of an independent entertainer. During this period, they train with senior entertainers and performers to ensure proper checks and the correct etiquette when working with children. Additionally, Fab Fun provides a two-week in-house office training for all staff. This training covers essential aspects such as the child protection policy, company values, mission statement, standards and procedures, entertainment policy, and other crucial industry-related matters. This thorough training process is designed to equip staff with the necessary
  1. Parental Presence: While we are insured to provide entertainment for children and party guests, it’s important to note that we are not insured as childcare workers. We request that a parent or guardian be present (or within the vicinity) for the duration of the entertainment.
  2. Face Painting Materials: We use top-quality face painting products made by reputable brands such as Tag and Mehron. For detailed information on our face painting materials, feel free to contact Fab Fun Entertainment and Events.
  3. Safety During Performances: Our entertainers ensure a safe working environment, clearing away broken balloons and products during performances. After the event, we ensure any potential dangers are addressed, and we take any broken materials with us as we leave the premises.
  4. Game Safety: When conducting games with children, our game hosts check and remove any foreseeable furniture or obstructions to ensure a safe playing environment for children.
  5. Photography and Media: All pictures taken of any children or entertainers with children, must be discussed with parents and guardians prior to taking photos and will not be used for any social media purposes if any parents have requested otherwise or if parental permission has not been given.


At Fab Fun, safety is our priority, and we take proactive measures to create secure and enjoyable environments for all our events and activities.


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