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Our Certified Entertainer Program

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Our entertainers come from all different back grounds and cultures. Each entertainer has a different skill set, or a number of different skills to offer when they are picked by our scouts to represent Fab Fun Entertainment and Events!

We support and offer training to our entertainers in a range of different fields to offer a high level of entertainment and proficiency in a number of different skills across the board.

Good multi skilled entertainers take years to train up to a level of competency, and need a large amount of experience for delivering quality services and catering to the many different party styles and demands that the party industry has. At Fab Fun we cross train all our entertainers to the level in which they are seeking and assist them on their journey as a professional high quality entertainer.

When looking for entertainers we are looking for entertainers who have the ability to work across a number of different areas including:

  • Artistic and creative skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Impeccable time management skills required and being able to be self-motivated
  • Friendly and capable of connecting with children and different audiences alike
  • Bubbly, fun and outgoing
  • Innovative
  • The ability to create a fun atmosphere and bring excitement to the party
  • Excellent communication skills



  • Child development skills
  • Working with children and young people
  • Acting and entertaining skills


Training and Monitoring of New Entertainers:

Our training for our new staff and entertainers includes face painting and balloon twisting one on one works shops with Virginia Carter or Sara Ambat (10 – 15 years of experience)

A minimum of 10 supported parties (or up to three months) until each individual has gained the confidence to host a party solo.

Monthly training sessions and jams with a number of different entertainers trouble shooting party areas that have been identified through regular customer feedback and updating skills.

We offer regular support and experience to work alongside seasoned entertainers. This enables a new entertainer to gain tips and party techniques on how to deal with a range of different challenges that an entertainer may face whilst performing for the various different ages, target groups and environments.

  • Pizza-Hut
  • Care-For-Kids
  • Coles
  • Goodman-Fielder
  • Michael-Hill
  • Trade-Secret
  • The-Sydney-Tower-Eye
  • Paramount