Animal Puppets


Suitable for ages: 2- 12 years

Enhances creativity, imagination and appeals to all our nature lovers.



Australian Animal Collage Pack

Ages: 2 + years Younger children may need supervision.

Let your creativity run wild by making 4 cute Australian animal puppets! This fun kit gives you all the pieces you need to make crafty collages and versions of all our favourite Australian animals. With lots of different textures and items to use it will keep our audiences entertained from youngest all the way to the oldest.

Our animal puppet creations include a wide variety of decorating products, which range from textile fabrics and items, to paint, to sequences and more. This range of variety appeals to all different types of ages and children.  Perfect for the sensory child.

Gift Box Includes:

  • 4 x Australian animal wooden puppets
  • 1 x pom poms assorted colours and sizes
  • 1 x multi coloured feathers
  • 1 x googly eyes and stickers
  • 1 x paint pallet 6 colours and glitter pot
  • 1 x paint brush
  • 2 x glitter sachets
  • 1 x glue and glue stick applicators


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